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Last spring, medicine men, or hataaliis, were thrust onto the front lines when COVID-19 took hold in Indian Country. Multiple delegations since the 1970s have visited Vatican City and demanded repudiation. Download file | Play in new window | Duration: 1:32:56 | Recorded on February 14, 2023, Download file | Play in new window | Duration: 1:32:56 | Recorded on February 14, 2023. His clans are: T Dchinii Naakaii Dine Tchiinii Taneeszahnii, Elected in 2021, Dr. Begay is a Professor at Din College, a Behavioral Health Coordinator and has been a licensed Counselor since 1994. As traditional people we see every horse as sacred and when we treat them inhumanely we violate our own sacredness as human beings. AMERCIAS TRUE BUILDER !!!!!!!!!!!! info@dhaorg. No Pardon for Genocide: Rejecting the Catholic Churchs Repudiation of the Doctrine of Discovery, Unknowable: Against an Indigenous Anarchist Theory Zine, Tending Sacred Fires: Make Colonizers Afraid Again Part 3, Against the Colonizers Burden: Climate Justice Means Anti-Colonial and Anti-Capitalist Struggle. He and his father have also been working together to build a hogan, a traditional Navajo structure used for healing ceremonies. In 1823 the Doctrine of Discovery was written into U.S. law as a way to deny land rights to Indigenous Peoples in the Supreme Court case, Johnson v. McIntosh. 0 The association believes sharing the Din philosophy of life can promote empowerment, self-care and self-healing. Resolution CMY-44-20, which was passed on May 15, established The Navajo Nation CARES Fund through the CARES Act. Watch a video and read more about the DHAs story: DHA developed a one-page written COVID-19 proclamation. THESE ARE OUR HORSES !!!!!! Their advocacy resulted in medicine people on the Navajo Nation receiving priority consideration as essential healthcare workers on the Navajo Nation, thereby making them eligible to be one of the first to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in December of 2020 and January of 2021. He is an advocate for remaining true to Din Culture and protecting Din ceremony and sacred sites. The recent statement says, The doctrine of discovery is not part of the teaching of the Catholic Church. Please support the Times by subscribing. We want to pay our hataaliis so they can continue to heal our nation.. No apology will ever be enough. This practice, in essence, is our first health care system.. David John, President . And believing they could do so could have dire consequences for our communities.. He has been a member of the Din Hataaii Association since 2014, contributing his background and knowledge of western health care systems to the organization. Get food delivered. How is it in so few generations the Native American that r a part of these round ups and deprecating mares and there foals leaving the goals to die and the mares to slaughter and stealing there brothers and betraying them to the cruelty of slaughter have forgotten the genocides of so many Native Americans and the holocaust there ancestors suffered the same betrayals. Shes an ethnobotanist an expert in the relationship between people and plants. In all, more than 12,000caseshave been reported within the nation, and amid this second wave, many will be looking for support from their traditional healers. served to you completely ad free and you will be granted access to view every profile in its entirety, even The Din Hataalii Association could receive $1 million to support its efforts to fight COVID-19 and help heal the people if President Jonathan Nez signs off on the Council's first CARES fund . How do they fit into the picture? he asked. The medicine people had to temporarily halt ceremonies to maintain public health safety however, this resulted in financial losses for the Hataaii (chanters and medicine people). The words of the Catholic Church are nothing more than an attempt to damage control and downplay their genocidal legacy while obscuring their ongoing benefit from and perpetuation of colonial violence. His stage name, and first name, derive from the Navajo word meaning "to sing" or "to chant." Hataalii also refers to the medicine men who for centuries have used songs, herbs and sacred ceremonies to treat physical or emotional ailments of the Navajo people. Check us out on the channelzeronetwork.com. DINE HATAALII ASSOCIATION, INC. in Lukachukai, AZ | Company Info Company Information Sponsored Links Company Contacts ANSON ETSITTY Director P.O. The strategy of boarding or residential schools, as they are called in so-called Canada, was part of a political, religious, and ideological war waged against Indigenous Peoples that targeted children. Share With the 215 remains of Indigenous children uncovered in 2021 in a mass grave at a residential school in Canada, collective Indigenous rage was sparked to address the brutal legacy of forced colonial education. I think its definitely kind of fading, Wheeler said. This decree also made clear the Popes threat to forcibly assimilate Indigenous Peoples to Catholicism in order to strengthen the Christian Empire. This doctrine of civilization led to successive generational patterns of genocidal and ecocidal wars waged by European settler colonizers against Indigenous lives, lands, spirit, and the living world of all of our relations. They draw their missionizing tactics from the practices that the Catholic Church developed during the inquisition and colonial conquests. % It also provides for personal protective equipment and safety assurance for thousands of our Navajo people that are looking to return to a safe workplace.. . stream 0000034741 00000 n Excuses are not enough, an obligatory debt is owed in so many forms yet how could we ever claim it? The Catholic Church attempts to rewrite history and distance themselves from their role and responsibly in mass-scale violence systematically waged throughout the world against the Earth and existence. The information regarding accepting only coins is very important. Service also was great. K0iABZyCAP8C@&*CP=#t] 4}a ;GDxJ> ,_@FXDBX$!k"EHqaYbVabJ0cVL6f3bX'?v 6-V``[a;p~\2n5 &x*sb|! You can also send us your press releases, rad art, articles, zines, etc. and @amrahsalomon join featured guest speaker Taloa in a discussion on Indigenous Abolition Feminism. Franklin Sage, director of the Din Policy Institute at Din College in Tsaile, said some tribal government leaders "value the . She is a strong advocate for enhancing ceremonial ways to reconnect to an original Din identity in order to achieve balance and success. At the same time, she cautions against misinformation about using herbal remedies to cure the disease, which has disproportionately affected Native Americans and other communities of color. . The papal bull inter caetera was enshrined in U.S. law and continues to be the basis of colonial legal domination of Indigenous existence. I am incredibly grateful Hataaii: Use of Navajo on Mars 'disrespectful' Courtesy photo | NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory-Caltech A ts called "Maz," the Din Bizaad slang term for Mars, is the first feature of scientific. The resolution affirms that horses are sacred and created with the universe and ends by insisting that all horses be treated humanely and that we maintain a healthy relationship with (the horse). thank you Dine elders and healers for embodying the original vision which once we all had that everything which has life has an important place in the Great Circle Of Life and as such is sacred. 0000034976 00000 n Theres no difference between current evangelical, Mormon, jehovah witness, or any other missionary projects invading Africa, South America, and reservations. Episode inspired by @muchachafanzines Reclaiming Feminism zine. [ /ICCBased 11 0 R ] On nearly every slave ship from Africa, a devout Christian at the helm. 3. The document established the Doctrine of Discovery and was central to Spains Christianizing strategy to ensure exclusive right to enslaved Indigenous Peoples and lands invaded by Columbus the year prior. f= yug9Q!B 8_FcZ0xYa.rxv FC]O"evG%RAusw_nO0goArBmj1UznJta0a4KaLiT})Ho73i2:|UP5?qEpr5 2}WJEgigZW(SxPO.&X^#biYh g+&j>Uv 6Be9/W#i,ON* 7 years ago. Increasingly academics are recognizing that theres a connection between physical ailments and peoples mental and/or spiritual practices, she said. I dono who the hell on earth still serves such kind of food, We're sorry, hotels cannot be booked for more than 30 days. In 2007, after decades of advocacy for reparations in so-called Canada, a settlement was agreed upon in the largest class action settlement ever faced by the colonial government. How we allow our horses to be treated in this day and age sets a precedent for all creatures. Din Hataaii Association, Inc. Board of Directors Avery Denny, President Elected in 2021, Dr. Denny is a Professor at Din College, and has been an instructor for over 35 years. Really appreciated! Mute/Unmute Episode << /Length 15 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> Herbs work best when youre already doing all the basic stuff, LaPier said. Indigenous Action I believe the way we can work best together and do good for our people is by harnessing support for these practices and perpetuation of this knowledge, said Slater. As earth surface people, we do not have the power nor the authority to change, alter, or supersede the natural and fundamental laws established by the Holy People, adds Dr. Lee. The Doctrine of Discovery has long been contested by Indigenous Peoples. Hataalii is the work of Hataaliinez Wheeler, 17, of Window Rock. endobj The Din Hataalii Association did not respond to a request for a statement concerning the veto. endobj Who knows what the psychological impact this will have on us, on our youth? said Slater. DHA, a traditional spiritual organization, comprised of spiritualist, Hataaii, herbalist, diagnosticians and cultural wisdom keepers continued ceremonial spiritual offerings for the protection and promotion of health and safety for the entire Navajo Nation. Box 387 Lukachukai, AZ 86507 DANIEL E. JOHNSON Director P.O. 0000026749 00000 n After the CARES Act was approved in March, the Navajo Nation received more than $700 million in COVID-19 relief funding. Check us out on the channelzeronetwork.com. 5 0 obj Please be clear in your message. 0000032278 00000 n Hataalii is the work of Hataaliinez Wheeler, 17, of Window Rock. DHA prioritized the need to remain in communication to ensure the medicine people remained informed and protected during the pandemic. Please note that U-Bahn and tram is the same in Cologne. NOTICE, corporate mainstream media/entertainment/spin has not reported this. Vatican statements:https://press.vatican.va/content/salastampa/en/bollettino/pubblico/2023/03/30/230330b.html, https://press.vatican.va/content/salastampa/it/bollettino/pubblico/2022/04/01/0232/00500.html#enRecommended reading:Columbus and Other Cannibals The Wetiko Disease of Exploitation, Imperialism, and Terrorism, Jack Forbes, An Indigenous Peoples History of the United States, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, Indigenous Action Podcast Episode 16: Fuck a Valentine, Indigenous Abolition Feminism Privacy Policy | FCC Public File | Contest Rules The doctrine was the basis of the white supremacist initiated genocidal inquisition to remove Jews, Muslims, Roma, and land-based indigenous cultures from Europe while they set out to destroy and colonize indigenous lands in Africa and the so-called Americas. Throughout his life, Wheeler has participated in a number of hataalii-led ceremonies, including a recent puberty sweat lodge ceremony. To use our mobile site, please enable JavaScript. But Im also just like everybody else.. Click to share on Mastodon (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to email a link to a friend (Opens in new window). And then some people are just totally one-sided.. Elected in 2021, Dr. Denny is a Professor at Din College, and has been an instructor for over 35 years. https://press.vatican.va/content/salastampa/en/bollettino/pubblico/2023/03/30/230330b.html, https://press.vatican.va/content/salastampa/it/bollettino/pubblico/2022/04/01/0232/00500.html#en, Indigenous Action Podcast Episode 15: 15th Annual No Thanks, No Giving: Indigenous Anarchism, Indigenous Action Podcast Episode 14: Queering #MMIWG2ST, Indigenous Action Podcast Episode 13: Unsettling Climate Colonialism, Ep. She is a diagnostician, utilizing Din ceremonial songs, prayers and techniques to bring about healing to those who seek her out. This is impressive for grassroots, traditional, mostly Navajo speaking group of elders and traditional practitioners who have limited broadband, computer and cell phone access and connectivity on the Navajo Nation. Dr. David Begay, policy advisor to Dine Hataalii, was instrumental in laying the foundation for the win. Through laboratory testing, he and his colleagues have identified about half a dozen herbs that are effective at killing the virus, he said. Another $376,000 will be allocated for regional agency funding, $302,000 for staff salaries and consultants, and 60,000 for educational outreach, which will include regular radio broadcasts, public service announcements, and written and audio-visual material. 996 He says hes inspired by the vibe that (the hogan) will give off one day in a ceremony.. 0000000016 00000 n company profile page along with the rest of the general data. %%EOF The British Military Government's 'Operation Marriage' created the State of North Rhine-Westphalia on 23 August, 1946, by merging the northern part of the former Prussian Rhine Province with Westphalia, another province of the now defunct state of Prussia. Din Hataaii Association, Inc. connects community members with healers, singers and practitioners of traditional Navajo medicine and ceremony. You should be careful, but you shouldnt fear it because itll work itself out, he recalls her saying, as she connected the legend to the current COVID-19 pandemic. In July, President Jonathan Nezvetoedmore than $70 million in council-approved funding, including $1 million that would have supported the Din Hataalii Association of traditional healers. Tso also said there is a Din Hataalii Advisory Council under the Navajo Historic Preservation Department, which is officially recognized by the Council. Setting this precedent will then impact all creatures. We review and provide resolutions of support for various initiatives related to: Ceremonial Ethics; Sacred Sites and Ceremonial Objects; Planning and Special Projects. Posted by Navajo Times | Jun 25, 2020 | CORONAVIRUS, Culture |. And the hataalii will tell stories and hell sing songs.. Dr. Lee and DHA's biggest concern is protecting places that are held as P.O. It is in its shadow that our trauma and abuse continue. Din Hataaii Association releases statement in response to line-item veto by the Navajo Nation President and Vice President https://t.co/E7G0XxDSLq NavajoTweets (@NavajoTweets) July 16, 2020 In a statement, the association called the veto "an act of disrespect and exclusion for our treasured and rare Din Hataalii." Wed like to offer education of traditional teachings to help strengthen them, spiritually and mentally, and help them cope with grief, loss, fear and mental anguish, said Kahn-John. Rewind 10 Seconds 0000001176 00000 n Navajo Nation Medicine Men and Hataalii Associations . This is also the legacy that White Supremacist Christian nationalists are still rallying to uphold throughout the so-called U.S. Utilize our advanced search form to filter the search results by Company Name, City, State, Postal Code, v5&auU?bVXTGh8xS' P.O. The squabble nonetheless left some feeling slighted. The Mythos beer was really nice too. 0000048697 00000 n Come here if you went overpriced meh at best food, slow, curt service and very small portions. Their repudiation is over 500 years too late. And when the waiter thought he wasnt getting a tip, he became mildly abusive - quite amusing and meant he didnt get any too other than this one. 0000033733 00000 n [db>t2ni} }em|[tU8A; We demand that the Church returns lands to the Tribal Nations in which it operated Indian boarding schools. Naomi Lee And Jani Ingram, John Hopkins Indigenous Stories Of Strength, DHA website is currently under development and coming soon at: dhainc.org. Mari Begay, DHA Secretary [Quoted text hidden] + Google Calendar + iCal Export Details Date: February 26 Time: 10:00 am - 12:30 pm Event Category: Coyote Canyon Chapter Regular Chapter Meeting KJZZ is a service of Rio Salado College, and Maricopa Community Colleges I was very satisfied. Dine Hataalii Association Meeting changed the place of meeting on the 2/26/23 to Dine College, Tsaile instead of Montezuma Creek starting at 10 am MT. Indigenous Action Podcast Episode 16: Fuck a Valentine, Indigenous Abolition Feminism, The resolution also expresses opposition to the 2014 Rangeland Improvement Act because the Navajo Nation has not properly consulted or informed the Dine people about the Acts purpose, intent, impacts and/or consequences. I would say that Im traditional, he said. 14 0 obj In so-called California 5 people were charged with felonies for their alleged role in toppling a Serra monument (Support here: https://linktr.ee/Decolonizers_Defense). 0000036627 00000 n I pray that the Navajo Nation will listen to this wisdom.If they do listen well and act appropriately, the tide will finally turn and our horses will no longer be in danger of extermination. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, Crownpoint program gets COVID relief grant, Only half of federal DV grant makes it to shelters, Being cut from b-ball fortuitous for KC wrestler, Hardship Assistance frequently asked questions, It hurts so bad: Heavy equipment arrives to impacted flood area in Chinle, Berm failure leads to significant flooding in Chinle, Letters | Thank you, animal control program. 0000002153 00000 n 54 helpful votes. We will provide updates soon. Michelle Kahn-John, a professor of nursing at the University of Arizona and secretary of the Din Hataalii Association, said the groups portion was $600,000. Please note that U-Bahn and tram is the same in Cologne. Much of our capacity at Tala Hooghan Infoshop (where we print shirts etc) is still dedicated to Kinani Mutual Aid. While many demand reparations, we must counter: We do not seek any form of payment or recompense but the ruin of those institutions and ideals of domination, control, and exploitation. He said it is important to raise awareness and reach as many people as possible about these things so they can protect themselves. 0000032841 00000 n Ok zum Brunch. NOT THE GOVS.THEY DO NOT OWN THEM AT ALLBUT THEY ARE KILLING THEM AND SELLING THEMMAKING MONEY ON THEM.THEY ARE ROBBING THE WILD HORSES OWNERSAMERICA..WE NEED TO GET THEM UNDER WILD LIFE PROTECTION LIKE THEY DID FOR THE BALD EAGLE.SO NO GOV AGENCIES CAN HURT THEM ANYMORETHEY ARE GROWING EXTINCTJUST READ SOME OF THE REPORTSCOME ON PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!!!!! Dr. Lee states In the long run, we,as medicine people,are advocating and protecting the sacred medicine bundles, passed down to us by our forebears and ancestry. 0000018583 00000 n While herbal medicines may help address some symptoms of COVID-19 and are good for our overall health, LaPier co-wrote in a March column inHigh Country Newsmagazine, at this time they cannot prevent, treat or cure coronavirus. Slater believes there is a thirst for knowledge among the people and the Council has a responsibility to consider that. At every massacre of Indigenous Peoples, a cross. The process has been inspirational. The proclamation offered culturally tailored CDC infection control guidelines and Din cultural/spiritual interpretations of the COVID-19 virus. Please seperate your selves from the devils greed and cruelty . Anson is a Din hataaii, and conducts diagnoses, healing ceremonies and protection prayers. She is a voting member of the DHA. The DHA felt strongly that ceremonies had to continue in a safe manner so by April 10, 2020, they developed the proclamation and disseminated the document to their members. In 1769 Serra founded the first of 21 missions in so-called California. Under Serras leadership, tens of thousands of Indigenous people were forcibly enslaved and brutalized. Smash the Non-Profit Indigenous Complex! Lets honor our obligations, said Slater. The resolution also expresses concerns with a recent Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Bill Richardson, Robert Redford and Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly regarding horse slaughter and the round-ups. As racist statues were torn down during the George Floyd uprisings of 2020, statues of Junipero Serra (at least 7 were toppled or beheaded), Christopher Columbus, and other colonial monuments were also destroyed. Not just the medicine man association, or the Hataalii Association, but all faith organizations should be able to get some relief, Nez told Cronkite News. Thanks for any assistance. Prayers, songs, offerings and spiritual inquiries and discussions remained steadfast and consistent throughout 2020 and beyond. WHY? 12: Abolishing the Non-Profit Industrial Complex. trailer Colonial Education is Still War. Please stop the round up and slaughter of the Native American horses these r there Brothers and goes against there beliefs and traditions and Mother Earth . ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g){document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);})(function(){ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-68744063', '');}, 'log_autolink_impression');Berlin - that is you buy a tcket then put it in another machine to 'validate' it? @channelzeronetwork, Accomplices Not Allies: Abolishing the Ally Industrial Complex, Voting is Not Harm Reduction An Indigenous Perspective, Rethinking the Apocalypse: An Indigenous Anti-Futurist Manifesto, Indigenous Hia Ced Oodham and Tohono Oodham Sacred Land & Water Protector, Amber Ortega, Not Guilty For Resistance to US/Mexico Border Wall Construction at Sacred Site. Franklin Sage, director of the Din Policy Institute at Din College in Tsaile, said some tribal government leaders value the Western paradigm or the Western knowledge Western medicine more than their own traditional healers and practitioners and our own traditional way of life., I think some people are accepting of both Christianity and tradition, he said. He has dedicated his life to Din bizaad (Navajo Language) revitalization. We make no demands of that which we seek to abolish. Other expenses include equipment, supplies, travel and other services. startxref Most of the herbs being tested come from Chinese medicine, but Langland said he would like to establish partnerships with Native American practitioners so he can scientifically test their herbal treatments and get them to more people. Slater also spoke to the long-term impacts of the trauma of the pandemic. About this story:The Din Hataaii Association (DHA), a Navajo Nation Traditional Medicine (TM) & Spiritual organization engaged in leadership, advocacy, ceremony and protection of relatives, traditional medicine practitioners, and TM practice during the COVID-19 pandemic. 0000020364 00000 n As sacred sites remain under attack and as intergenerational wounds remain open, we continue to resist the extremely brutal and ongoing legacies of colonial religious violence. To protect our site, we cannot process your request right now. The Din Hataalii Association could receive $1 million to support its efforts to fight COVID-19 and help heal the people if President Jonathan Nez signs off on the Councils first CARES fund spending plan (No.132-20), which pays for immediate needs related to the Nations coronavirus response. Alternatively, you may use, 1) The taste and presentation of the food felt like we were in 60s. You can buy the ticket in the tram or on the platform. 12 0 obj We are used to the deceptions of the church, this repudiation is no exception. But that isnt the case for all of his friends. Share @nticopyright 2001. I wouldnt know where I am on that spectrum, he said. Lorenzo Jim (Dine/Navajo) is a Licensed Alcohol/Drug Abuse Counselor and certified Traditional Counselor/Hataalii with the Dine Hataalii Association currently managing the Native American Traditional Wellness & Integrative Care Program at First Nations Community HealthSource, a Title V Urban American Indian Health Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico. (Klein) Kinder freundliches Restaurant mit Spielecke. We are sorry, but your computer or network may be sending automated queries. We do not speak of colonialism in the past-tense. His clans are: Naashgal Dine Kin ichinii Taneeszahnii Kinyaaanii, Appointed in 2022, Mrs. Lerma brings over 10 years of experience in the nonprofit sector. The most recent album from Hataalii, a Navajo Nation indie-rock artist, closes with a pair of instrumental tracks called Rain.. They ensure the future survival of our children and grandchildren. Order online. How do we retain and protect traditional knowledge and our elders and create a prosperous future based off of these precepts? asked Slater. Embed The two traditional groups also asked the Navajo Nation to conduct a formal and thorough investigation into alleged horse theft by those the Nation employed during the round-up, charging that some of the horses taken during the round-ups were professionally trained with brands and grazing permits.Mr. 0000027577 00000 n With the Bizapedia Pro Search service you will get unlimited searches via our various search forms, After that, its like you just feel better, Wheeler said, because youre in there with your whole family. %PDF-1.4 % On the Blackfeet Indian Reservation, LaPier said there isnt necessarily great tension between traditional and Western practices, though many peoples first inclination is to see a Western doctor a shift she says threatens traditional ways. The pandemic has since put a hold onin-person ceremonies, but some practitioners are using Zoom and other distance-healing options. To use our mobile site, please enable JavaScript. We recognize this virus has come into our homes, our bodies, our minds and our spirits in the form of illness and fear.. The squabble nonetheless left some feeling slighted. Wp?g>q;D. 0000019465 00000 n His clans are: Tdkzh Ttsohnii Taneeszahnii Ts jkin, Elected in 2021, Mr. Etcitty is a Din Culture Professsor at Navajo Technical University. All of them are at some point on the surface. 0000036194 00000 n Slaters amendment had unanimous support from HEHSC and most of the Council delegates. As traditional people we see every horse as sacred and when we treat them inhumanely we violate our own sacredness as human beings. Board of Directors Contact Us Meetings Meetings Meetings & Agendas Agendas for upcoming meetings will be made available here the week prior to each meeting. We are considering going with a print on demand service but wed really prefer not to. Support for this website was provided by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Dr. Anthony Lee is president of the Din Hataalii Association (DHA), a group of Navajo medicine men. I suppose you can buy with Euro notes from ticket machines not on the tram? %PDF-1.3 The two traditional groups also asked the Navajo Nation to conduct a formal and thorough investigation into alleged horse theft by those the Nation employed during the round-up, charging that some of the horses taken during the round-ups were professionally trained with brands and grazing permits.Mr. That is something that has happened over time due to colonization, due to the acculturation in our communities, she said. Teller says that when the pandemic struck, hataaliis were thrust onto the front lines. Also, I assume on surface transport tickets are purchased 'on board'? Lorenzo has extensive knowledge and . This attempt to diminish or prohibit our spiritual way of life and understandings is a direct violation of the Navajo Nations bill of rights under freedom of religion. Because they cannot spin it into pro-slaughter. Its something that our younger people need to solve.. THE WILD HORSES OF AMERICA ARE OUR NATIONAL TREASURES !!!!! Horses are not livestock. All Christian denominations doing missionary work are part of the doctrines legacy which continues to sanction the forcible assimilation of Indigenous Peoples to this day. Get in touch. A group called the Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada, which has charged that the residential schools were responsible for the deaths and disappearances of thousands of Indigenous children, rejected the deal stating, This bribe and legal gagging is being presented as a final resolution of the claims of residential school survivors, as if such unspeakable crimes as mass sterilizations, gang rape, ritualistic torture and murder are resolvable by or reducible to an issue of money, On April 1, 2022 the Pope apologized for the Catholic Churchs role in violent assimilation through Canadian residential schools. thunder baseball tryouts,

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